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Who We Are and What We Do

Entering the marketplace over three years ago, Rapid Response Marketing LLC. quickly earned the reputation of being a market leader in the Business and Consumer based e-mail communication arena. We continue to grow by leaps and bounds by thinking of new ways to increase our clients profitability, and how to solve new and forever changing business challenges.

For those of you who wish to find out more about us, you've come to the right place. This is the site to get all your questions answered about who we are, what we do, and most importantly, how we do it! You'll find out how we see ourselves as a valuable asset to the marketplace and how you will benefit from working with Rapid Response Marketing LLC.

When we began our operations over three years ago we just concentrating on the Business Opportunity side of the lead generation business. We had some of the strongest contacts in the nation all of whom were in the "Entrepreneurial" and "Network Marketing" fields so we started there. Soon, without much effort on our parts we had other clients from completely different segments of the lead generation world requesting our expertise to help them obtain larger consumer lead numbers. Within just several months we soon spread our wings and ventured into the Mortgage, Insurance, and Auto Sales fields while at the same time retaining our loyalties to the Business Opportunity field.

Today, over four years later, we have helped over 500 companies in the fields mentioned above. We have now grown and added Merchant Accounts, Credit Cards, Credit Services (credit files, credit assistance, credit repair, etc.), Auto Insurance and Warranty, Travel, and Debt Consolidation to name a few.

Rapid Response Marketing LLC. is a company that will be here tomorrow and a decade from now. We are financially secure, privately held, and will continue our quest to develop affordable solutions to all of our clients marketing needs.

Our industry leading products and services are developed by a team of individuals, all striving for complete satisfaction and excellence. Many of our high quality lead generation techniques are considered to be "revolutionary" as well as well guarded trade secrets. This helps us produce the best lead service the market has ever seen.

We design our products and services to produce the highest levels of customer retention, while at the same time keeping costs lower than our competitors. This allows us to deliver the highest quality of leads to you at an extremely competitive price point. Early on in the infancy of the Internet boom we felt that traditional marketing methods, though effective, came with too great of cost financially. So, to meet the overwhelming need for accelerated lead generation while maintaining a price that was easy on the wallet, we set out to address this and set our sights on the new frontier...THE INTERNET!

We noticed a growing amount of companies offering similar services, but not standing behind and supporting their products and services. We wanted to prove to ourselves, our clients, and this industry that there can be and will be honesty, quality, integrity, and value for what we produce. We set out to distance ourselves from the competition by provided the ultimate in high end premium products and services that are unsurpassed by anyone!

Today Rapid Response Marketing LLC. products and services are on a record breaking rise. Whether an Internet novice or an expert, you will instantly see the benefits our premium leads offer within minutes of your first sampling of our premium leads

Our Simple Message... "Think of Yourself As the Customer!"

To all those who are actively supporting us, those who have utilized our products and services, those that are about to unlock one of our time and money saving products for the first time, and those who capitalize on our opt-in lead databases -- we say 'Thank You.' We truly appreciate YOU.

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